Our Adoption Process:
Our goal is to carefully match every dog with the best home to ensure a long lifetime of safety, love and companionship, which is based on matching the dog's personality and energy to the family's lifestyle. Our guidelines are tough because we feel these dogs have been through enough ~ it is everyone's responsibility to ensure these dogs won't be sold, given away, mistreated, neglected, abused, or abandoned again.

The #1 Rule: There is no rushing into an adoption! An adoption is a lifetime commitment and financial responsibility and we will gladly work with you to make sure you and the dog are happy!
Puppy Dog Ranch does not adopt out dogs directly from any of our public events or fundraisers. If you see a dog you like, please contact us to come out for a visit to spend one-on-one time with the dog. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU SUBMIT AN APPLICATION TO PRE-QUALIFY so that when/if a dog arrives or we are contacted about a dog that we feel could be a good match for you, we'll call you immediately!

Our Adoption Application is very thorough. Please allow 3 to 7 business days for us to process your application. We have found this amount of time also allows you and your family sufficient time to consider the commitment being made as well as prepare your family's home for your new arrival! You will be contacted within 5 days to schedule a Home and Yard Check. If that is not possible, you will be required to provide us with several photos of your yard.

Our Adoption Requirements:
WE REQUIRE A FENCED YARD, however we do make certain acceptions depending on the breed/personality/size/age of the dog or puppy and its new potential home environment. Puppy Dog Ranch does not adopt dogs into homes if the adopter currently has a dog chained, tethered or tied up or if our adopted dog will be tied up, chained, tethered; if the yard is not adequately fenced, or if you have or will use an electric fence; or if the adopter has other pets (dogs or cats) who are not spayed or neutered;
If the adopted dog is too young to be spayed or neutered at time of adoption, Puppy Dog Ranch requires your adopted dog to be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age, and providing proof of such.We are unpaid volunteers who believe in saving animals' lives and doing our best to not condone or add to the horrific pet overpopulation epidemic.)
Puppy Dog Ranch requires your adopted dog to remain current on all vaccinations and licensing.
Puppy Dog Ranch reserves the right for a follow up visit after the adoption.
Puppy Dog Ranch requires any adopted dog who will be outside for any length of time to have 24 hour access to a properly insulated and clean dog house, clean food and clean water.
Puppy Dog Ranch does not allow any dog or puppy to sleep outside at night unless it is kept safely within a secure, fenced, housed area.

If we determine that you/your family are a good match for the dog and your application is approved, you can pick him/her up at our Ranch for an arranged Sleepover!! Make sure you have the following items prior to picking up your new dog: Dog crate or dog house, blankets, dog bed/sleeping area, water and food bowls, appropriate collar and/or harness, leash, and toys and chew toys.
At time of adoption, you will also receive medical records and, if applicable, any medications specifically prescribed for your dog. You are responsible for taking these records to your veterinarian who will help you determine additional vaccinations, spay, neutering, etc.

We Recommend a Pre-Adoption Sleepover:
We highly recommend a "sleepover", kind of like a "test drive", usually lasting 1 to 3 nights where the dog will spend a bit of time with you and your family to ensure you all connect. The dog will be prepared to visit your home and will be equipped with food and necessary items to make him or her more comfortable. If after a bit of time and it is working out, then we will continue with the adoption process while the dog is living with you and you will have time to purchase the items he/she needs and return items to us. Many adoptive families choose to keep the original bedding, blankets and toys with the dog and either purchase them from us or buy new replacements for us, (or donate a gift card to us).
Our sleepovers are very successful as they are much less stressful for the dog and for the family! Plus, we know that things aren't always perfect, so if it doesn't work out for some reason, bring him or her back to Puppy Dog Ranch ~ there's no guilt!

Either the applicant or any representative of Puppy Dog Ranch reserves the right to cancel the adoption at any time, even after the paperwork has been signed, the adoption donation paid, and the dog has been given to the applicant.

The Difference – Adopting a Rescued Dog from Puppy Dog Ranch, a private, NO KILL Rescue and Sanctuary
We want what is best for all family members and the adopted dog. If, during the subsequent home and yard check or at any time after the adoption, the living conditions of the dog have changed or are found to be unacceptable or unsafe by a representative of Puppy Dog Ranch, the applicant will be notified that they will forfeit their adoption rights and the dog will be returned to/relinquished by Puppy Dog Ranch. Puppy Dog Ranch reserves the right to confiscate this dog if he/she is not spayed or neutered by the date requested on the Adoption Application.


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Adoption Process

Please download application to your computer, then fill out the application and agreement and email it to puppydogranch@ymail.com.